Congresswoman Garcia Believes That Juvenile Justice Act of Senator Pangilinan Forces The Youth To Become Criminals

Cebu 3rd District Representative and Deputy Speaker Gwendolyn Garcia believed that Senator Kiko Pangilinan’s law also known as Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act of 2007) gave opportunity to crime syndicates to force young children to commit crime for them.
In a press conference on Monday, he said that there’s something that needed to be corrected to the law crafted by Senator Pangilinan.
According to Congresswoman Garcia, the law created by Pangilinan failed to protect the children, instead the law was used by some people to use the young people as bait to the authorities.
She said that he personally experienced during her term as Governor of Cebu how crime syndicates abused the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act.
“If we talk about the present Pangilinan Law, it is a great irony. We passed this law purportedly to protect our youth or our children. But, ako, I saw this mismo when I was a Governor of Cebu, my own personal experience. Instead of protecting children, this opened the floodgates for criminal syndicates and even criminal minded parents. Na gagamitin yung mga bata to commit crimes,” She said.
According to Section 6 of Pangilinan Law, “a child 15 years of age or under at the time of the commission of the offense shall be exempt from criminal liability”.
She heard tremendous amount of complaints from the law enforcers that sometimes the young offender already carried his/her birth certificate before committing a crime to avoid being arrested by the authorities.
Garcia said that some criminal-minded children already brave enough to face the authorities because they knew that they were protected by the law of Pangilinan.
“Palagi nang reklamo ng mga law enforcement agencies like the Philippine National Police, sasabihin nila, ang hirap. Kunwari may robbery doon, we really catch this 13 year old, eh haharapin pa raw sila. Magdadala ng birth certificate, ipapakita yung birth certificate nila,” Garcia added.
Congresswoman Garcia said that Pangilinan Law need to be corrected.
Even House Justice committee chair Reynaldo Umali said that Pangilinan Law failed to achieve its objectives because it only increased the children used in criminal activities.
“Now, we see a proliferation of the children being used in criminal activities. Again, my question is: are we going to maintain the status quo having seen that raising it from 9 to 15 did not produce the objective of the law?,” He said.
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