WATCH: Explosion Allegedly Caused By Using Cellphone In Gas Station Captured in a CCTV

A video revealing a surge supposedly triggered by using a cellphone in a gasoline station got the attention of the netizens on the social networks.

Based upon the caption of the video posted on the Facebook page Paraguay Reclama, the surge happened in a "filling station in Brazil".

It is also specified in the caption that a couple went to fuel their car and the woman was using her mobile phone while she is inside the vehicle.

In the video, it could be seen that the surge left a guy on the ground. The car was also severely damaged then three males arrived in the station.

The video went viral on the social media and has already reached more than five million views and one hundred forty thousand shares on the online platform. Tons of netizens shared their reactions to the event by comments.

A Facebook user disapproved the idea that using a mobile phone caused the surge. According to the netizen, it is a "glitch in the pressure of the gas tank" that triggered the incident. The netizen stressed that there is no fire.

One netizen likewise mentioned that the event has nothing to do with using the cellphone.

“The gas tank of the car had no relief valve I can’t stand the pressure of the gas and exploded,” he said.

One netizen stated in her comment that the failure in the setup of gas in the vehicle triggered the blast and it was not really the smart phone.

One netizen shared in a comment that guidelines in Argentina when sustaining should be followed . According to him, the owners of the cars are not permitted to remain inside the vehicle while the loading of gas is ongoing.

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