SHOCKING: Bam Aquino Met With Two Groups In Marawi City Before The Terrorist Attack

Reliable source said that Senator Bam Aquino met with two unknown groups in Marawi City before the terrorist attack on the city.

The media asked Aquino a series of questions regarding the said attack on Marawi city. But the senator refused to answer and only responded "No Comment".

"Sir, is it true you met with two groups, those who were involved in the Negosyo program and a group which you did not want to be known in Marawi City before the terrorist attack?" asked by the media.

"No comment." Bam replied.

The military intelligence also said that even his staff as well as his close-in security are not allowed to listen to the discussion between Aquino and the said unknown groups.

"Military intelligence said that there was another group who talked to you in private, and some obsevers were surprised that even your staff and close-in security were not allowed to witness and listen. Who were they sir ? How true is this, sir?" media asked.

"No comment." again senator replied.

The media then asked the senator about how he feels on the killings of innocent people, Muslims killing fellow Muslims that is happening on Marawi now. But it seems that the senator doesn't even care and was evading the questions.   

"How do you feel about the killings of innocent people who are also Muslims murdered in cold blood by fellow Muslims?"  media asked.

"As of this time, I am not fully aware of what really happened." Bam Aquino replied.

Is it possible that Bam Aquino orchestrated the attack of MAUTE Group on Marawi City?

Well, before, Ninoy Aquino (his uncle) collaborated with terrorist groups to bring down the Philippine government and destabilizing the economy, in his quest and ambition of becoming Philippine president at all cost.

He sacrificed his relative (Eva Estrada Kalaw), fellow politicians (Sen. Jovito Salonga, John Osmena, Councilor Mayor Mel Lopez, Cong. Ramon Mitra, et al), compadre TV host Eddie Ilarde and many innocent civilians who were injured and killed during the August 21, 1971 Plaza Miranda bombing which was perpetrated by the CPP-NPA rebels and masterminded by Jose Maria Sison.

Ninoy was aware of the plot to bomb the Liberal Party's campaign rally but he did nothing to warn the government or his politician friends about the deadly and devious plot.

Ninoy gave guns to the CPP-NPA rebels. Guns that might have been used in terrorism, abduction and killing of Philippine soldiers and policemen, foreigners, and even innocent civilians.

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