WATCH: De Lima Hidden 300M In The 2014 Raid Bilibid!

According to Vitaliano Aguirre II, confidently stated that he has a living proof who can justify the truth about the 300million php  senator Leila de Lima has hidden, focibly grabed from well-knowned detainees at the 2014 driven attack at the NEW BILIBID PRISON (NBP).

Aguirre's witness - on a six-paged letter sent last August 6 to President  Duterte said,that the first estimated amount that was about 1.6million was mistakenly announced,the witness revealed the amount summed from the assault, Leila De Lima as Justice Secretary has propelled tallied at about 300million pesos.

Agguire stated when asked about where the confiscated sum of money  are conveyed "Kay Secretary De Lima daw nga,Doon dinala ng mga NBI (NATIONAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION)".The 300million pesos was allegedly delivered to  Secretary De Lima by the NBI."Iyun ang sagutin mo,Secretary De Lima, masyado kang  yakyak nang yakyak (you should answer that, Secretary De Lima,you nag to much)" he also added.

This was made by Aguirre after De Lima flagellated critics and also provoke  President to put her into jail.

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