WATCH: Foreign journalist, Napahiya kay President Duterte during the interview.

The foreign journalist who conducted the interview seemed embarrassed on PRRD's answers to her questions during his interview with President Duterte.

She asked about President Duterte's War on Drugs and a possibility that innocent civilians could've been victims, Duterte compared it from what the Americans have done during their invasion on several countries and hundreds of innocents died along the way.

"You admitted in one of your interviews that innocent civilians could've the victim. Do you think it is a fair price to pay?" Foreign journalist said.

"Just like Americans, when they drop the bombs there, it is so powerful that it also kills others there." PRRD replied.

"But you are not American." quickly responded.

"But we are talking about human liability. So it doesn't say that because they are Americans they are exempted. And just because I am a small-time government official, I am not exempted. So, where's the fairness there? No?" President Duterte explained.

He also added "When they drop bombs, they killed so many villages, and there's not even a whimper."


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